Top 10 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in Canada In 2022

Over 1.2 million individuals work in Canada’s technology industry. In terms of technological innovation, Canada leads the world with the most tech companies per capita. As a result, there is a significant increase in the number of IT job openings in Canada without a local workforce to fill the void. As a result, Canadian tech firms have urged highly qualified overseas candidates to apply for positions in Canada. There are a few really high-paying posts that must be filled immediately.

Additionally, there has never been a better time to work in Canada’s tech sector. But how profitable are the employment opportunities in Canada’s tech sector? Here are Canada’s top 10 highest-paying IT jobs for 2022 as a response.

Technical Program Manager

The organization’s technical initiatives are managed by a technical program manager (TPM). Initiating and maintaining programs as well as resolving any project-related issues are among their duties.

The average yearly compensation for a TPM in Canada, according to, is $128,997, making it one of the highest-paying tech occupations in the country despite the fact that this position frequently demands extensive work experience. TPMs in Vancouver, however, can make up to $141,420 a year.

DevOps Architects

DevOps architects are in charge of a product’s infrastructure, development, and deployment. They are also in charge of setting up and managing an automated production line that runs continuously.

DevOps architects in Canada make an average of $125,540 a year, but those who work in the Greater Toronto Area can make up to $134,193 annually.

Cloud Architects 

A Cloud Architect oversees a company’s cloud computing services, such as cloud adoption plans, application design, and management.

The annual compensation for a Cloud Architect in Canada is $116,107 on average, but it can go as high as $126,468 in major areas like Toronto.

IT Project Manager

An IT project manager is in charge of refining online procedures and improving software in order to optimize an organization’s IT systems.

IT project managers in Canada make an average yearly compensation of about $103,635, but in Montreal they may make up to $177,639, according to

Cloud Systems Engineers

A Cloud Systems Engineer is in charge of the organization’s Cloud Systems’ design, planning, management, maintenance, and support. A Cloud Systems Engineer’s annual pay in Canada is on average $99,107, but it can go as high as $122,271 in Victoria.

Data Security Specialist

Specialists in data or cyber security uphold the networks and data security of businesses. Their yearly pay is on average $98,987, but in Winnipeg, salaries can reach $144,680.

Business Intelligence Specialist

These experts examine project data and raise the general profitability of an organization. A business intelligence specialist’s average annual pay in Canada is $98 173, however in Ottawa, advertised wages can reach $111 013.

Full-Stack Developers

Full-stack developers focus on maximal functionality when designing and building platforms and websites for businesses. A full-stack developer’s annual pay in Canada is around $88,000, although it may go as high as $92,436 in Toronto.

Mobile Developers

These programmers concentrate particularly on creating applications and websites for mobile users. Mobile developers frequently specialize on the Android or iOS operating systems.

In New York, Ontario, the typical compensation for a mobile developer is said to be as high as $119,460 annually, compared to the national average of about $87,398.

Data Scientists

Data scientists examine a company’s data in order to generate actionable insights by detecting analytical issues and exploring potential prospects and fixes. There is a wide range of pay; the average yearly compensation is $81,676, and the typical salary for a data scientist in Toronto can reach $132,698.

Embrace Your Tech Dreams

With opportunities this great, who wouldn’t want to work in Canada’s tech sector? Your job goals may advance if you relocate to Canada. If you believe this is your route, don’t wait to begin the application process. You might set out for Canada right now!


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