Netflix reveals a plan to end password sharing

Netflix finally revealed its strategy for preventing users from revealing their passwords.

According to a report from The Streamable, Netflix’s Help Center has begun to provide a guide on how accounts should or should not be shared.

Netflix on password sharing

Below is a brief summary of each query and answer regarding password sharing on the site:

Who can use a Netflix account now?
  • Netflix accounts are still shareable, provided it is done within one household.
  • To check if your devices are associated with your primary location, Netflix will require users to connect to the Wi-Fi at their primary location.
  • Then users will have to open the app or website, and watch something at least once every 31 days
Can you still share Netflix with someone who doesn’t live with you?
  • No. Netflix accounts are only meant to be used within one household.
  • Users who sign in at a different location will be asked to sign up for their own account.
  • Until these users use their own accounts, they will be restricted or blocked from accessing the service.
Can other users on your Netflix account save their profiles?
  • Yes, Netflix will offer users a profile transfer feature.
  • This will allow password sharers who sign up for their own accounts to transfer their show recommendations, watch history, and more.
Can you still use Netflix while traveling?
  • Only for seven consecutive days, upon receiving a temporary code from the service when signing in.
  • This process will apply to those who may be using a hotel smart TV or a company laptop.
  • The code is Netflix’s workaround to its new policy of blocking users who sign into Netflix outside of their primary location or household.
How can you prevent Netflix from blocking your devices?
  • Sign into your home Wi-Fi at least once every 31 days — this will make them “trusted devices,” which the service will remember and leave unblocked.
  • Devices that are mistakenly locked can be unblocked by contacting Netflix directly.
How will Netflix know if you’re not in your primary location?
  • Netflix will use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to determine whether a device signed into your account is connected to your primary location.
  • If a device is being used outside your home by someone you didn’t authorize, you can sign into your account and sign out on all other devices, then you can change your password.
How many devices will Netflix let you use simultaneously in one location?
  • This will depend on the plan that you signed up for.

Here’s a summary of their plans and the number of devices allowed:

  • Basic With Ads (USD $6.99) – 1 device
  • Basic (USD $9.99) – 1 device
  • Standard (USD $15.49) – 2 devices
  • Premium (USD $19.99) – 4 devices

We reported in December 2023 that Netflix would begin charging for Password Sharing in 2023 in an effort to stem its recent subscriber decline.


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