Lamudi Philippines announces plans for development

Lamudi Philippines has announced its plans to expand in response to the demand for properties on the internet.

Lamudi announced plans to double its Philippine team and better serve the country’s rising and recovering real estate market in its seventh year in the industry.
“We set new aggressive targets that will continue to raise the bar for what is possible,” said Kenneth Stern, Lamudi Philippines CEO.

Lamudi’s new parent company provides a solid foundation for its growth plans. Lamudi Global, which includes activities in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mexico, was acquired by EMPG, one of the leading digital classifieds groups in the Middle East-North America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia regions, in May of last year.

Bayut in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, Zameen in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, Mubawab in Morocco and Tunisia, and Kaidee in Thailand are online marketplaces owned and operated by the aforementioned digital classifieds behemoth. It also owns and operates Dubizzle in the United Arab Emirates and OLX Pakistan, OLX Egypt, and OLX Lebanon. The acquisition of OLX by EMPG increased the company’s value to USD 1 billion.

This, according to Lamudi Philippines, has allowed the company to capitalize on opportunities in overseas demand while also strengthening its position in the Philippine real estate sector. In reality, because of EMPG’s financial resources and industry experience, Lamudi revealed that they focus on capturing opportunities in the overseas market and reaching out to more property buyers and sellers in the Philippines.

Singapore, Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh, according to Lamudi’s trend survey, Hotspots Unwrapped: 2020’s Most Famous Locations, would drive the most overseas interest in Philippine properties in 2020.

Lamudi also gets its strength from collaborations with property developers, in addition to its parent company’s funding.

Robinsons Land Corporation, a real estate giant, has recently renewed its partnership agreement with the portal (RLC). The partnership will offer RLC Residences unrivaled visibility and scope by leveraging Lamudi’s monthly page views of up to 7 million.

Despite the setbacks caused by the pandemic, international page views on Lamudi increased by 17% year over year in 2020. In comparison to 2020, overseas page views increased by 20.51 percent in 2021, with real estate listings attracting interest from overseas targets with large OFW populations, such as Singapore, Dubai, London, and Sydney.

Meanwhile, Lamudi Philippines will have more human resources to meet the strong demand from recovering real estate regions and the rising needs of property developers transitioning to digital marketing, thanks to expansion plans in the works.

For more information, go to the Lamudi Philippines official website.


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