DITO seeks a “head-to-head” competition with Globe and PLDT

DITO Telecommunity said on Tuesday that it is optimistic of meeting its aim of covering 70% of the population by July of this year, allowing it to compete “head to head” with Globe Telecom and PLDT Inc.

The telco co-operated by Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy’s Udenna Corp and China Telecom is celebrating its one year in business.

According to a recorded message from DITO CEO Dennis Uy, the telecom is currently present in over 500 cities and municipalities and has over 6 million active consumers.

“We are in more than 500 cities and municipalities and soon will cover 70 percent of the population in just a few more months – finally going head-to-head against our two competitors,” Uy said.

“The future is bright and we will not fail you. That is our commitment… We are here to offer Filipinos the full experience – the service, the value and above all the speed we all deserve,” he added.

DITO chief technical officer Rodolfo Santiago noted that with over 4,000 towers, the telecom is just a few hundred towers away from reaching its third-year target to cover 70% of the population by July.

The 70% target is part of the annual audit DITO must undertake in order to maintain its status as the third telco, as designated by the National Telecommunications Commission.

Meanwhile, Evelyn Jimenez, Chief Commercial Officer, stated that the telco will unveil new goods.

DITO announced Autopay and Advance Pay alternatives for the prepaid market, which will let consumers to pay up to 12 months in advance and receive a 40 percent discount and up to 120GB free, according to Jimenez.

“We give maximum flexibility to our customers. This is something new for our prepaid market,” Jimenez explained.

DITO previously launched their 5G Home WiFi starter package, which includes a modem and SIM for a one-time payment of P12,999.

DITO introduces fixed 5G wireless broadband with a P13,500 beginning set.

According to Santiago, its roaming and SIM registration services are ready, while mobile number portability is in a “mature” level of development.

According to Adel Tamano, the telco’s chief administrative officer, the telco helped advance the country’s ranking in the worldwide speedtest index, which meant it helped improve connection in the country.

“That’s what happens when you bring competition to the market. Things get better. We came here to be competitive. We also came here to build this nation,”  Tamano said.

DITO announced that it would spend P50 billion on network expansion this year, up from the P27 billion it had previously pledged to spend in its third year.


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