Dennis Uy’s DITO is vying for the top spot in the telco industry

In just a year of operations, Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy’s DITO Telecommunity has grown to become a major telecom player, and he believes it could eventually challenge industry titans Smart and Globe.

“One year ago, we said nanDITO na tayo when we launched commercially. One year after, one na tayo DITO. Soon, number one na tayo DITO,” said Rodolfo Santiago, chief technology officer.

DITO has built more than 4,100 towers and accomplished more than 83,000 sales touchpoints in the last year, including 16 DITO Experience Stores.

It has more than six million active members and has been commercially released in more than 500 cities and municipalities around the country.

The company was able to survive its first year of “trials and tribulations,” according to DITO CEO Uy.

“In reality, despite the epidemic, those who claimed what we were trying to do was impossible, and the many uncertainties, we have more than survived; we have flourished.” Uy said, “anDITO na tayo.”

DITO, he said, is committed to providing Filipinos with the whole experience, service, value, and speed that they deserve.

“I find myself here again, telling you all that we are in more than 500 cities and municipalities and soon will cover 70 percent of the population in just a few more months – finally going head-to-head against our two competitors,”  he said.

DITO is currently less than 300 towers away from meeting its third-year target of 70 percent countrywide coverage and a minimum average speed of 55 Mbps.

In July, the telco will undergo its third annual technical audit.

“We’ve made tremendous achievements not just as a newcomer. Now, we are not just a newcomer, but we’re also a major telco provider in the country,”  DITO chief commercial officer Evelyn Jimenez said.


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